How do we find reliable Wholesale, Factory or Supplier from China Market?

I think for most of the one who is going to do business in China is wondering how to find a reliable supplier? Here we would like to suggest some way.

Firstly, as we all know that from ” ALIBABA” web, we can find all we needed, but those are for big orders. Off course they are much reliable for you to choose.

In addition, from most Country, we all know that for the “Google” Website is the biggest market to find the supplier.

Also, as social media is more and more popular, you can search suppliers from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…

After we found so many suppliers, how we sure they the real one, how we make sure they won’t cheat us, here we have two suggestion that you may take into consideration.

A. From the Web, we can see where they put the web on overseas or just in China. And for those address and phone, we can telephone them for sure there is the person who charges this order.

B. And for the first time to do business, we would be better to pay through their Company Bank and the information for the bank should be the same as their web. That is the most important. As if they are a cheater, they won’t make their own Bank information, as that need the owner’s all details. So that could ensure you this is the real company who can supply you.

Just remember, there are many ways that we can found suppliers, what you need to do is to make sure they are real factories or companies who will take care of your order and be responsible for you.

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